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Sarah & Vinnie KLLC Morning

This blog is a compilation of information about the core and fringe cast members of the Radio Alice KLLC 97.3FM Morning Show, gathered by listening to the Morning and Secret Shows and trolling the internet. Much of the information will be provided in the form of internet links to where the source information can be found. The core cast members include Sarah Clark (A.K.A. Sarah Emily Lyman), Vincent "Vinnie" Michael Hasson, Hooman Khalili Sabet, Uzette R Salazar, Scott Capurro.

Marcus Osborn - Hooman's partner

"Hot Ass" Danielle Hirsch - Sarah's friend

Home listed on BlockShopper

Danielle's biography

DanielleHirsch domain registration

DaniellePainting domain registration

Angie Azur - Sarah's friend

Current home, previously owned by Sarah Clark - currently for sale @ $3.7M - see photos

White Pages

email Angie Azur

Cristina "Dusty Rose" Schwartz - Vinnie's rent partner

Gave birth to baby Isla Hasson on 11/01/2013.

Babies R Us registery
Registry #: 50425456
Maiden/Alternate Name: SCHWARTZ
Location: SAN JOSE, CA
Expected Arrival Date: 11/03/2013

Zillow page shows just how far under water the Dusty shack is.

Real estate listing from when Cris "Dusty" bought her home in 2006.

CBS news story about cancelled NYC marathon

Dusty's photo feed

Uzette R Salazar


Home on BlockShopper


Old profile-resume

Sonoma news story

Vincent Michael Hasson

Baby Isla Hasson

Vinnie profile

Facebook email

Confirmed Santa Cruz condo address
Vinnie got a bargain on this place. He is unit #4

Description of the Santa Cruz condo complex

unconfirmed email

Keith Brian Hasson - brother
 Nicholas Andrew Hasson - brother 
Sandra L Hasson - mother
Vincent Michael Hasson - father (deceased) - LinkedIn

                                      Leo the cat                                                                          Willa the dog
                    Vincent Michael Hasson                                  Cristina "Dusty Rose" Schwartz

Hooman Khalili-Sabet

IMDB - Olive movie page

Olive interview
Hooman's LLC distribution company for Olive the movie.
Registered mailing address located at his mothers house.
Entity Number:200910410204
Date Filed:04/07/2009
Entity Address:771 CAMBRIDGE AVE
Entity City, State, Zip:MENLO PARK CA 94025
Agent for Service of Process:HOOMAN KHALIHI-SABET
Agent Address:771 CAMBRIDGE AVE
Agent City, State, Zip:MENLO PARK CA 94025